I listen intently to life’s conversations to hear in the brokenness and the beauty, the mystery and the emptiness, what makes us whole. Ever since childhood I have sought meaning; I wrote fiction to understand the incomprehensible. In adulthood I have crafted essays and sabbath meditations that cast light and invite illumination. We move in all the light we have and when there isn’t much, it becomes all the more critical to be a lamp. The paradox we inhabit of  immeasurable planetary suffering and unspeakable beauty, grace and joy call for living with coherent intention—choosing what connects us to one another, to the ground of being with consistency and integrity. It is that lifelong endeavor, often challenging, sometimes immobilizing, that occasions this website.  With it, I will share my effort to live with coherent intention, to choose what connects as best I can. We long to be of use, to live our gratitude, and answer the call to joy, and in so doing, we become a lamp that allows us to carry our light into the world.

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  1. Sher Horosko says:


    It is a pleasure to be connected with you via Sheri. It is clear we feel the world in much the same way: as you piece “Saturday Grace” reflects, we are always dancing between joy and sadness, beauty and suffering…and your characterization of our simple (and most difficult job) is very true: that we be the light as best we can for ourselves and others, including the two,four,eight and no-leggeds!”

    I would like to be in touch with you…at least for now visiting each others blogs and dipping into our shared musings. Blessing showers to you!


  2. Sarah Elkins says:

    Dear Leaf,
    I teach creative writing in a medium security prison in Beckley, WV. On Tuesday I met a new class of students. We began the class by easing into poetry. We did a free write and then the students shaped their favorite parts of their free writes into a poem, a quick meditation on whatever it was in their heads at that moment. Everyone wanted to read theirs. The last to read his poem was tall, quiet guy with a meticulous Mohawk. He cranked out a beautifully crafted poem in no time. I just smiled and said, “I think you’re going to do just fine.” At the end of class he lingered a moment and said, “Leaf Seligman taught me to write like that. She’s with AVP. Look her up.” And that’s what I’ve done. I found this site first. I haven’t found out exactly what AVP is, but I’m hoping you can enlighten me. In the meantime, it seems your impact is reverberating in places you might not imagine. Thank you for that.
    Sarah Elkins

  3. Dear leaf,

    You keep floating into my consciousness so I decided to let you have a chair.

    You were very good to me in the darkest time of my life. I have resurrected and am able to look back over these three years and see the treasure. I just wanted you to know. I am not here to press the boundaries of comfort or anything else. Just to say “thanks.” You helped a lot. A real lot.

    I hope you are well.


    new work is here…love poured into open hands… http://cbiftrumpwins.com/american

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