Restorative Circle Services


        Welcome to Restorative Circle Services.  Drawing on ancient indigenous wisdom and the recognition that circles embody inclusivity, mutuality and parity, the contemporary use of circle processes for healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, community-building, family strengthening, prevention and recovery, restorative justice and reintegration continues to spread in a variety of settings. Circles establish shared values and guidelines and utilize a talking piece to ensure that each participant has the opportunity to speak, be heard, and listen attentively. Circles draw on the power of story and first-person experience. As Kay Pranis, long-time practitioner of restorative justice circles and author of several  books, writes, “Storytelling strengthens a sense of connectedness, fosters self-reflection, and empowers participants.” Circles afford intimacy and accountability in ways that honor the particularity of experience and the commonality of the shared human longing to belong, to matter, to feel safe, understood, appreciated and loved. If you would like more information on circle processes or wish to explore the applicability of a circle, please contact me by phone or email. I am available to provide education, training and/or preparation for a circle; facilitate a circle; or speak about the value of circles and restorative justice principles and practices.